Tax preparation app

TaxDrop is an iOS app that connects users to a CPA in minutes. A tax return is prepared simply after a user scans his/her tax documents in the app.

I modernized the landing page of TaxDrop, refreshing its brand image and introducing interactive elements such as a video and app screenshots.

I opted for large, thin text complemented with bright, vibrant colors to draw the viewer's attention as they navigated the introduction, about section, and pricing section.

This project was created using Ruby on Rails, so this project is especially memorable to me because I had to learn an entirely new website framework.

It can be viewed at

TaxDrop icons

I designed a new package of icons for the app's opening screen: a thumbs-up symbol for convenience, a stopwatch for speed, and floating dollar signs for savings.


Tax preparation app


Web design, brand design


Spring 2018




New York City