Trading website

Reshwap is a trading website for Lawrenceville students to exchange books, electronics, furniture, and more. I was a front-end developer for this project, working with Matthew Gunton in introducing several critical features such as Google Passport authentication, templating, and responsive mobile design to Reshwap in 2018.

In our 2017-2018 year, we created the sticker program. Students could place a Reshwap sticker on a belonging with a unique serial code. If the item was lost, one could input the code on the website and the owner would receive a notification email that his/her item was found.

This project was powered by Node.js.

It can be viewed at

Various logos-in-progress

I wanted Reshwap's new logo and identity to be approachable and friendly, which led to the development of several prototypes. Ultimately, I chose a more rounded form to portray our new identity and branding.

Reshwap t-shirts

T-shirts were critical in gaining Reshwap popularity at Lawrenceville, and solidifying the brand's image. These shirts feature the old logo, which I designed in spring 2017 when I first joined the Reshwap team.

Reshwap homepage (December 2016)

The homepage before Matt and I joined the Reshwap team.

Reshwap homepage (September 2017)

Good design instills trust in Reshwap, which is integral to our continued success.


Trading website


Branding, web design, marketing, analytics


Spring 2017 - Spring 2018




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