Class discussion simulation

Merge is a webtool that can record and provide basic analytics of a Harkness discussion, the class discussion format popular at the Lawrenceville School.

I created Merge in collaboration with Matthew Gunton—the backend developer of Reshwap—and Nghi Chau.

Merge is hosted internally within the School, so it is not publicly accessible.

This project was powered by Node.js.

The design for this project reflects its general principles of speed, reliability, and simplicity. Design choices and elements were influenced by and used the IBM Carbon Design System.

Merge logo

The squarish mark on the left symbolizes the movement of a idea in a class discussion, while the use of brackets to construct the shape symbolizes the digital medium of the platform.

Merge homepage

The user can select their classes, modify their settings, create a new class, or view their discussion records from here.

Discussion screen

Settings page

The user can indicate which discussion actions they would like to record.


Class discussion simulation


Consulting, web design


Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


Private beta


The Lawrenceville School