Dining Assistant

Carnegie Mellon University provides operating hours for its many campus dining locations, but this information is ill-optimized for mobile devices.

I redesigned CMUEats, whose design had not undergone any changes for over two years. I wanted to increase the density of the website's information, so that users may more quickly identify eateries and their hours. Most of all, a redesign would encourage more users to regularly use CMUEats, and hopefully find their dining experience at Carnegie Mellon better.

I worked with React for the first time for CMUEats, and tinkering with the existing code was a pleasant learning experience.

You can view CMUEats here.

The fascinating history of CMUEats

CMUEats began as a HackCMU submission in September 2013, originally created by Oscar Bezi, Kirn Hans and Justin Gallagher. Today, I work with CMUEat's current steward Emily Newman with updating the website and introducing new features.

Upcoming features

I would like to add additional dining information to each eatery block, such as the ability to view the eatery's location, menu, or brief description.

A flashing yellow symbol to indicate eateries about to close within an hour is in the works.

Thumbnail artwork

Completed in Inkscape. Inspired by the work of Kobayashi Ikki.


Dining assistant


Branding, web design, React


October 2018




Carnegie Mellon University