Cosmetic Surgery Search ยท Internship

From July to August 2018, I interned at Aedit's WeWork office in Midtown. I was tasked with learning and using Sketch to build a variety of company assets and marketing materials.

My time at Aedit consisted of prototyping and building its company about page, conducting UX research and interviews regarding a complete site navigation overhaul, and developing new adversiting modules for its blog.

I collaborated closely with the engineering team, as well as others in the product design branch to quickly iterate design.

What's Aedit?

Aedit is a startup in New York City that connects patients seeking cosmetic procedures and medical providers using web-based portals and a companion iOS app.

The app features a novel facial recogition system using FaceID technology to depict realistic real-time outcomes of a procedure. This provides patients immediate feedback towards their potential new appearance.

Design challenge

After initially applying on Glassdoor, I was given a four-hour design challenge to guide the user through selecting an appropriate cosmetic procedure.

The patient in the prompt had a set of medical and social traits that refined my search, where I ultimately decided that an "abdominoplasty" was the best option. I had no prior exposure or knowledge of cosmetic surgery, which made this step especially compelling.


Cosmetic surgery lookup


Branding, design, UI, UX, Sketch


Summer 2018




New York City

Initial wireframes

Low-fidelity displays of the patient selecting the appropriate procedure.
It would be best to view this image on a separate page, if you are viewing this on mobile.

Low-fidelity for procedure selection (before)

The challenge required me to produce at least one high-fidelity screen from the wireframes. I chose this screen because it had a variety of icongraphy and media possibilities to toy with.

High-fidelity for procedure selection (after)

High-contrast between a dark side-navigation and a cream background establish a simple yet powerful template for the website. A Gaussian blur on the media, which may depict NSFW body parts, is a discreet yet elegant solution to concealing full detail on media elements. Material Design icons accompanied by its action text accelerates user flow while remaining readable.

You can see my complete submitted write-up here.

The internship

I can't disclose details of my work at Aedit, but you can download their app and check out the website!

You can view Aedit here.