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Checking dining hall hours —

When I was a freshman, I always checked dining hall hours at Carnegie Mellon online. I felt like the most popular website to do this could be modernized a bit.

Carnegie Mellon University provides operating hours for its many campus dining locations, but this information is ill-optimized for mobile devices.

I redesigned CMUEats, whose design had not undergone any changes for over two years. I wanted to increase the density of the website’s information, so that users may more quickly identify eateries and their hours. Most of all, a redesign would encourage more users to regularly use the website, and hopefully find their dining experience at Carnegie Mellon better.

I worked with React for the first time for, and tinkering with the existing code was a pleasant learning experience. began as a HackCMU submission in September 2013, originally created by Oscar Bezi, Kirn Hans and Justin Gallagher. I worked with Emily Newman, the then-current steward of the project, to deploy the new changes.

cmueats old

The original version of back in October 2013

cmueats new

Dark mode, updated restaurants