About me

I’m from New Jersey and am a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying business and computer science. Before then, I went to the Lawrenceville School.

I’m interested in applied machine learning, optimization, and algorithmic trading research. I enjoy reading about business management and artificial intelligence related topics. My blog and bookshelf spans these topics and some more.

You can visit me on Twitter and GitHub. Or even better, take a look at my resume or LinkedIn. Or best of all, send me an email.

The previous incarnation of this website was developed using EJS. This website now uses Gatsby. I use Emacs to write the blog posts using org-mode, and export them into markdown prior to publishing.

Honorable mentions

As I searched for this website’s domain name, I encountered multiple individuals named Eric Cheng already on the internet. Some of these individuals I’ve been able to discover so far are listed below.


Favorite technical papers (inspired by Rasmus Andersson)


Roses, Peder Severin Krøyer (1893)

I came across this particular painting on a late evening browsing Wikipedia randomly, and it has remained one of my favorite works of visual art since. Find out more about this piece on Google Art Project