About me

I’m from New Jersey and am a junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying business and computer science. Before then, I went to the Lawrenceville School.


I enjoy learning and talking about these things:

  • startups
  • Linux
  • product management
  • digital privacy and information security
  • user interface design
  • artificial intelligence
  • optimization
  • effective altruism
  • and more …

You can visit me on Twitter and view some of my projects on GitHub. Or even better, take a look at my resume or LinkedIn. Or best of all, send me an email.

Honorable mentions

As I searched for this website’s domain name, I encountered multiple individuals named Eric Cheng already on the internet. Some of these individuals I’ve been able to discover so far are listed below.

If you are also named Eric Cheng, please reach out to me. There is an ongoing global effort to gather everybody on social media.


Favorite technical papers (inspired by Rasmus Andersson)