25th Coolest Eric Cheng on the Internet*

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Hello! I'm Eric Cheng.

I'm from New Jersey and am a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University studying business and computer science. Before then, I went to the Lawrenceville School.

I'm interested in computers, behavioral economics, public policy, industrial design, and technology especially as it relates to gadgets or transportation. My blog spans these topics and some more. In my free time, I enjoy keeping fit, flying my drone around, listening to my eclectic Spotify playlist, exploring Pittsburgh, and playing video games (my go-tos include Euro Truck Simulator 2, Counter Strike, and the Total War series).


You can visit me on Twitter and GitHub. Or even better, take a look at my resume or LinkedIn. Or best of all, send me an email at eric@chengeric.com and let's work together!

How I built this website

This website is served on a DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu 18.04 with Node.JS installed. The GitHub repository for this website can be viewed here.

Compression is handled via gzip. I use html-minifier, Bootstrap, AOS, and cssnano.

I used the Atom editor to write this website. It became a little slow on my machines, so I now prefer using Visual Studio Code to develop.

I use Carbon to render vector images of the code excepts. Night Owl theme, plugin for Visual Studio Code, and you're all set.

*What's with the URL?

As I searched for this website's domain name, I encountered multiple individuals named Eric Cheng already on the internet. Given the simplicity of our name, this is not so surprising. Nonetheless, some of the brilliant Eric Chengs I've been able to discover so far are listed below. Go us!

That should be all for now.

Roses, Peder Severin Krøyer (1893)

I came across this particular painting on a late evening browsing Wikipedia randomly, and it has remained one of my favorite works of visual art since. Find out more about this piece on Google Art Project